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Darcie Arahill Catches Monster Florida Bull Shark [VIDEO]

By now, if you don’t know who Darcie Arahill is, you don’t know fishing. 

Lately, Darcie Arahill has been all over the news. Her status as a top-notch American sports fisherman is literally taking the world by storm. Just recently, she has been seen on the “New York Post,” “UK Mirror,” the cover of “Coastal Angler,” and even “Playboy,” to name a few.

We here at Wide Open Spaces would like to think it all started with this post, but her rise to the top has been in the works long before we were lucky enough to get an opportunity to get to know her.

So, what has caused all this media attention lately? Actually, it seems to be stemming from this awesome video where Arahill, or more commonly known as Darcizzle to her thousands of followers, catches a huge bull shark off the coast of Florida.

Now you can probably see what all the buzz is about. Not only is she a great fisherman, but she knows what she is talking about as well. Her instructional fishing videos, just like the one above, can all be found here.

New videos are posted every Thursday so be sure to check back often.

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Darcie Arahill Catches Monster Florida Bull Shark [VIDEO]