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Exclusive Interview: Darcie Arahill, aka Darcizzle, Shares Tips On How to Catch Her Favorite Florida Fish

It's impossible to fish South Florida waters without hearing the name Darcizzle. 

Darcie Arahill, better known to the fishing world as Darcizzle, is a fisherman's fisherman. She talks the talk, walks the walk, and out-fishes most people she meets. When she isn't on the water creating helpful videos of fishing tips, how-to's, and general instructions consisting of ocean fishing knowledge, she is writing fishing articles for Coastal Angler with her own monthly fishing reports and tips section.

If you need more of an introduction, here is one of the most recent videos from Arahill's extremely popular YouTube channel, Darcizzle Offshore.

Recently, we were able to catch up with Darcizzle and ask some questions. We inquired about the things anglers may want to know if they are looking for a fishing adventure that only Florida can provide. Who better to ask than one of South Florida's best anglers?

Hands-Down Favorite

I started my conversation with Arahill by asking what her hands-down favorite fish was to catch. She didn't even hesitate for a second to claim the mahi-mahi as the fish that holds her heart the most, and for good reason. Mahi-mahi, also known as dolphin or dorado, are incredible fighters and can be caught in big numbers when they are schooling.


If you want to make this trip yourself, according to Arahill, right now is the best time. Heading to Palm Beach from April through July will put you right in the middle of the mahi run as they follow the Gulf Stream up the coast. The Palm Beach area is also the closest the Gulf Stream comes to the eastern coast of the US, so a variety of fish are available at this time, but none with the possible daily numbers of mahi-mahi.

Reel Them In

To catch these fish, Arahill recommends a variety of different tactics. "Once you are in the Palm Beach county area, just go a half mile to a mile out and you are already in 200 feet of water. You could actually just start trolling right away," she said. "What we like to do is run and gun. We go out about a mile and stop the boat every fifteen minutes and look around for birds or debris. That's usually a good sign. Normally when you find debris on the surface, there are probably baitfish. When you find baitfish, there are usually mahi underneath them."

Okay, so we found the baitfish and hopefully some mahi. Now what?

"Well, there are different methods to catch them," Arahill said. "You can do trolling with swimming lures. Pick colors that are bright like pink, blue, and yellow. You can also pull up to debris that has fish on it and cast out dead bait and try to bring up fish that are down below. If you don't start getting dolphin right away, then there are probably none there."


Help From the Experts

If this is a trip you are looking at doing yourself, many out of state fishermen go out for at least one full day. If you have your own boat and looking to take on the challenge, more power to you. However, if you would rather use the skills and experience of a recommended charter captain that specializes in mahi-mahi, Arahill does know someone you should look up.

"I would recommend Angler Management Sportfishing out of the Palm Beach Marina," Arahill said quickly. "Captain Mike McCormack catches a lot of fish, and definitely a lot of mahi."

One thing that Arahill also recommends if you take this trip alone, or with a charter captain, is to make sure you have polarized glasses. In particular, Salt Life Optics. They are the only glasses that Arahill will wear. If you are a fisherman, you know the difference high quality sunglasses can make on any fishing trip and if someone like Darcie is talking about them, then they are probably worth your time to check them out.


With all the different states that offer incredible fishing opportunities, Florida ranks right up at the top of the list just about every time. When anglers like Arahill won't fish anywhere else, it leaves little doubt as to why.

If you are still looking for a summer vacation that might involve a little fishing, look towards Palm Beach, Florida. Just be sure to say hello to Darcizzle when you see her somewhere on the water fishing for mahi.

To see more of Darcie Arahill, check her out on Facebook and her Instagram page.

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Exclusive Interview: Darcie Arahill, aka Darcizzle, Shares Tips On How to Catch Her Favorite Florida Fish