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Here’s Why Danner’s New Mountain 600 Boots Belong on Your Feet This Fall

Mountain 600
Brad Smith with his Mountain 600 boots and a muskie

If you’re looking for an all-purpose boot, the Mountain 600 is it. 

Usually, I don’t find myself talking about boots. I find whatever’s on sale and roll with those until they fall apart. I did have one pair of boots I wore for nearly 10 years (my grandparents bought them for me when I graduated high school). Since then, I’ve mostly bounced around from brand to brand.

That  may have just changed ever since I put a pair of the new Danner Mountain 600 boots to the test.

Recently, I just got back from a Wisconsin on-the-fly muskie trip. The colder nights and warmer days made this a great time to experiment with the boots. Granted, I was fishing and not doing a ton of hiking, but what I did was more than enough to realize how much I love these boots.

Mountain 600
Danner Boots

First off, it’s hard to believe these boots are waterproof: they’re too lightweight and comfortable. For example, at one launch on Trude Lake in Iron Country, it takes a few steps in the water and half a jump to get in the boat. That’s all well and good on the way out, but on the way in one evening, I misjudged the distance.

Lo and behold, I jumped in the water and landed almost ankle deep. Immediately I knew I was going to have wet feet. However, as I continued my path up the launch to my Jeep, my feet were bone dry. Now, that’s a pleasant surprise.

Secondly, the comfort of these boots makes them feel like they’re shoes. All day standing fly casting for muskies in normal boots (or even shoes) can be hard on your feet, but on these, the cushioned heel is absolutely noticeable and the lightweight design is incredible. As soon as they hit your feet, you can feel a difference.

Now, the cost of this boot might be what I find the most surprising. For just $180, you get a fishing, hunting, or hiking boot that can still be worn on a night out. That’s an all-around win for just about any outdoorsman I’ve ever met.

The available colors are all stylish and blend in with camo just as easily as something a little more dressy. Probably the most important factor: my wife likes them. That’s the biggest win of them all for me.

Like I said, I don’t often get all jazzed up about boots, but these things are worthy of some pretty high praise.


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Here’s Why Danner’s New Mountain 600 Boots Belong on Your Feet This Fall