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Daniel Defense's 300blk SBR: Don't Hold Your Breath

The 300blk cartridge is still wildly popular for those looking for short barreled AR15s.

Clearly, Daniel Defense is releasing yet another short barreled upper that is demonstrated in this video. There is no doubt for those looking for short barreled rifles, that the 300blk cartridge is likely the best contender for the cartridge of choice.

This video shows the Daniel Defense upper on a Smith and Wesson lower (which confused me). If your going to review a DD Upper why not just say so? Anyway, the bigger problem I saw and I could be late to the game on this, is the fact that Daniel Defense is no longer accepting online orders and has suspended their financing program.

I went to see the price and and specs for the upper only to quickly see this posted on their website.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 5.46.15 PM

I could be late to hear about this news but this is really going to drive up demand for these rifles as people already waiting with orders are going to grow impatient. I have seen DD rifles on the racks at local gun stores in SoCal, but they are definitely going for a heavy premium.

I almost don't want to get excited about looking at this awesome DD Upper with all the accoutrements. The scary part is they also have no expectation as to when they will begin taking orders again. I ran into a similar issue with LWRC back in 2013. I thought the black rifle demand had settled but looks like its still very much in full effect.


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Daniel Defense's 300blk SBR: Don't Hold Your Breath