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Daniel Defense Sues Remington Over Similar Slogans

Daniel Defense says their “Lighter. Stronger. Better…” slogan is being copped.

Daniel Defense is getting, well, defensive about their slogan and trademarked chevron logo, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

They filed suit against Remington Outdoor Company, which is the parent company of DPMS Firearms/Panther Arms, on June 24, 2014. DPMS/Panther had apparently been using the phrase in advertisements and trade show signs.

Court documents say that Daniel Defense is arguing their slogan has been used “as a trademark in interstate commerce in connection with firearm components and firearms accessories.”

The double chevron imagery that points to the right is also disputed in the case, which Daniel Defense says has been used since 2012 and has been an official registered trademark since January of this year.

DPMS Firearms/Panther Arms claims their guns are “Lighter, Stronger and even more badass” and “Lighter, Stronger and every bit as accurate as the original,” and adds two chevrons pointing downward to their advertisements. 

This isn’t the first time Daniel Defense has made national news; this year’s Super Bowl saw a commercial from the company get banned from its telecast.

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Georgia-based Daniel Defense makes custom rifles for shooting and hunting, and also provides firearms to law enforcement. Remington Outdoors, one of the most successful and popular firearm brands in the country, produces guns under the Marlin, Bushmaster and DPMS brands.

DPMS Firearms/Panther Arms is based in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and Remington operates out of Madison, North Carolina.

Do you think Daniel Defense has a case or not?

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Daniel Defense Sues Remington Over Similar Slogans