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The Most Dangerous Animal in America Isn’t What You Think [VIDEO]


The Center for Disease Control has listed the deadliest animals in America, and the most lethal beast isn’t what you might expect.

More than bears, wolves, or mountain lions, it’s bees that pose the biggest danger to the average American, killing around 53 people every year, reports Fox 13.

While predators are often portrayed as a danger to humans, cases where wild cats, wolves, and bears fatally attacked humans were exceedingly rare. According to the CDC, mountain lions kill on average one American a year, while bears kill only one American every two years. Other than bees, domestic animals that people were more used to seeing were at the top of the list. Accidents from horses kill about 20 Americans every year, while dogs killed about 31 people a year.

The numbers offer some perspective on the most statistically dangerous animals as more people move to cities and suburbs and away from rural areas. While those in the country may shrug off the occasional appearance of wildlife, a bear or coyote invading the suburbs these days is likely to spur panicked calls to 911.

As the numbers show, humans rarely run into a large predator anymore, and in most situations, these wild animals usually prefer to run the opposite way from people. This isn’t to say mountain lions and bears are suddenly safe to approach, but when all’s said and the done, the average American is much more likely to meet their end from an angry bee or the neighborhood dog than a rampaging grizzly.


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The Most Dangerous Animal in America Isn’t What You Think [VIDEO]