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Dan Bilzerian and Friends Shoot Down Drones Just for Fun

This is what it’s like when money is no object you can shoot your way through a drone hoard.

First of all, this looks like more fun than people should be allowed to have. After that the rest of us can only put this one on our bucket list and hope for the best.

We’ll talk about ‘D-Day’ Dan in a moment, but first count how many weapons you see that you want, right now!

Warning: Adult Language and Adult Content in the video

First off, don’t be mad just because this guy grabs life by the cojones. If we could afford to do this, all of us would in a heartbeat! Without too much commentary about weaponry and shooting skill (or lack thereof), we’ll probably never get to shoot automatic weapons at drones and model planes, so no griping at this guy for missing.

Dan Bilzerian is a character with quite the checkered past. He reportedly has had three heart attacks in his life already, has been sued by a pornographic actress for throwing her off a roof as part of a photoshoot, allegedly kicked a model in the face to protect another woman, was arrested at LAX in 2014 on bomb making charges, and was supposedly dropped from the Navy SEAL program due to a safety violation on the shooting range.

Well, anyway, he gets to shoot at a fleet of drones with the guns of his choice and we don’t.


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Dan Bilzerian and Friends Shoot Down Drones Just for Fun