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This is How a Damascus Twist Steel Barrel is Made

How did those old-timey Damascus twist steel barrels get made anyway?

Well, master bladesmith Steve Culver is going to show us how they were made.

Watch this video and see how Damascus twist steel barrels were made the old school way.

This blacksmith knows his way around a Damascus twist barrel. The Damascus twist steel barrel was the preferred way to make shotgun barrels back well over a century ago.

These barrels were beautifully made. They also were very time consuming and expensive to make. Damascus twist steel barrels could just contain the pressures of the old black powder loadings. When modern smokeless powder was introduced it was the death of the old Damascus twist steel barrels.

Here Steve Culver shows us all the work that goes into one of the old school style hand made variety barrels. He makes a miniature barrel that is indeed a work of art.


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This is How a Damascus Twist Steel Barrel is Made