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See the Damages Caused by FAD Fishing [VIDEO]

FAD fishing threatens endangered species.

FAD fishing is a non-selective fishing method that utilizes fish aggregating devices. This type of fishing does not discriminate the kind of fish it catches.

This Greenpeace video, from a real fishing boat using FAD fishing techniques, shows the variety of endangered species that fall prey to it.

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This style of fishing is detrimental to the ocean’s environment. Threatened species are becoming endangered because of this irresponsible way of fishing.

The end of the video shows us what happens to all the fish, sharks and whales that were unintentionally caught. A trawl net full of fish, most of which might already be dead, is dumped back into the ocean possibly causing further injury to hundreds of members of endangered species.

Petit Navire company, the leading FAD fishing company in France, claim they are designing better nets and advocate for the use of sonar to target the right fish. Greenpeace stresses that the types of structures that FADs are made of attract a variety of animals and create mini-ecosystems. They don’t only attract the target fish.

When it is time to capture the fish, the FAD is surrounded by a large fishing net which captures anything and everything that took shelter in the FAD. To continue using this method knowing why and how it traps other species in the process is irresponsible, according to Greenpeace.

Greenpeace is confident it will be able to influence the company in France like it did in the U.S., New Zealand and Australia. Greenpeace encourages the use of line fishing and targeted net fishing on schools of appropriate fish as acceptable and effective alternatives.

The World Wildlife Fund claims that over 85 percent of Earth’s fisheries are threatened due to excessive fishing.

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See the Damages Caused by FAD Fishing [VIDEO]