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Dallas Safari Club Admitted Into UN’s Conservation Union


The Dallas Safari Club shares news of their formal admittance into a prestigious international conservation body.

The IUCN, the United Nations’ International Union for the Conservation of Nature, announced 15 new members, including the Dallas Safari Club.

Touted as one of the world’s strongest and most respected conservation bodies, the IUCN’s main objectives revolve around valuing and conserving nature, effectively and fairly governing its uses, and executing nature-based solutions to global challenges.

“We are extremely pleased with the IUCN’s decision and proud to be an official member of this highly respected group,” said Ben Carter, DSC executive director, in the official announcement. “DSC is dedicated to conservation, education and advocacy. As an IUCN member, we will be even more effective in our mission to conserve wildlife and wild places.”

The IUCN is the world’s oldest and biggest environmental organization, and maintains a leading international authority on environmental and sustainable development.

“DSC has a well-documented history of contributing to conservation and sustainable-use projects and programs, both here in the U.S. and also internationally,” added Carter. “We very much look forward to becoming actively involved with IUCN endeavors, and will fully support the IUCN’s mandate to conserve our planet’s biodiversity, and advocate for sustainable use of wildlife resources.”

The DSC joins the American Public Gardens Association, the Conservation Council for Hawai’i, Hawai’i Pacific University, and the National Wildlife Federation as the only organizations admitted from the United States of America in this round of 15 new IUCN members.

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Dallas Safari Club Admitted Into UN’s Conservation Union