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Daily Dose of Cute: Polar Bears Hug Huskies [VIDEO]

Have you ever seen polar bears hug huskies? It may be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. 

In the high Canadian north, there is an unusual friendship.

When polar bears hug huskies your heart just melts.

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Somehow the two largest predators in the Arctic have a mutual love for each other. Polar bear hugs look very encompassing. Bryan takes his pack of huskies to go play with polar bears on the frontier edge.

They’re quite gentle, you still have to be careful since you’re dealing with wild animals since they’re unpredictable…

I think I need a bear hug.

Or maybe a 1,600 pound squeeze would be a little smothering.

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Daily Dose of Cute: Polar Bears Hug Huskies [VIDEO]