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If Your Dad is a Shooting Enthusiast, This Father's Day Gift Guide is for You

From learning how to cite in a rifle on the range to dry fire practice at home, this gift guide is perfect for the dad who is a shooter enthusiast. 

Tapping into your dad's favorite hobby is the best way to start thinking of gifts, and if he's a shooter enthusiast, chances are there is an awful lot of gear that he wishes he owned.

If you're feeling stumped, head over to Cabela's Father's Day guide for the shooter to figure out where you should start looking. However, here are a few handpicked options perfect for the man who taught you how to sight in that rifle and brace for the recoil.

1. Earmuffs


Be honest - when was the last time your dad bought himself a new pair of earmuffs? It's probably been a long time, so consider this pair of Howard Leight impact sport earmuffs to ensure that dear ol' dad will have his hearing for that much longer. Not only do earmuffs wear over time, but they can also accumulate sweat. Regardless, it's time for Dad to get a new pair, right?

2. Travel gun case


The prospect of an out-of-state hunt is exciting, but the thought of leaving your firearm to the baggage handlers at the airport isn't so much. These sturdy travel cases by Pelican are great options for the shooter who takes his rifle everywhere.

3. Range bag


The most frustrating part of going to the gun range for any shooter is the preparation leading up to it. Collecting ammo, magazines, and handguns together in one place can be exhausting, especially when you don't have the right bag. Save your dad some time on his next trip to the range with this convenient range bag, perfecting for some light shooting action as it holds two handguns, along with ammo and magazines.

4. Gun rest

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While your dad may not admit it, age gets all of us down after awhile. Consider this Caldwell lead sled plus rest as the perfect addition to your dad's trip to the range. Sighting in new rifles and simply firing off rounds is much more comfortable with a rest, and one especially comes in handy if your dad uses a range where you're not allowed to stand while using a rifle.

5. Trap

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If your dad doesn't have a one-step trap set-up, he needs this Trius product immediately. He can practice his own skills without relying on a range buddy with this easy design that is sturdy, reliable, and worth every single penny.

Did these ideas spark your imagination on ideas for your shooter enthusiast father? We hope so, there are so many great items to be found.


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If Your Dad is a Shooting Enthusiast, This Father's Day Gift Guide is for You