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Dad Goes Crazy Over Son’s First Bass

Here is one proud father watching, and filming, his son catching his first bass.

With the dad coaching and the kids laughing, the young angler in this video hauls a massive largemouth bass ashore. The young angler's name is Joey and he caught the bass on a youth-sized Ugly Stik rod and an Abumatic spincast reel. The six-pound test line was rigged with a #2 worm hook and a weightless nine-inch worm in pumpkin seed.

As with many first bass catches, the one in this video happened in a small pond located in Bluffton, South Carolina. However, the main difference with this first bass is just how huge it is.

With this first bass catch, I think that it is safe to assume that a new lifelong angler was born in young Joey and with access to a pond holding bass of that size, he is one lucky fisherman.

He could still use a little work on his release tactics, but at least this bass lived to swim another day and hopefully get even bigger for the next angler lucky enough to set the hook on him.


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Dad Goes Crazy Over Son’s First Bass