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Your Dad Deserves the Gift of Adventure, Right?

Dad works hard and, if he is anything like us, he plays hard. 

To find out more about booking your hunting or fishing trip, check out Fin & Field.

Sunday June 19th is Father's Day and it is coming up fast. The absolute best Farther's Day gift is the gift of adventure. Help dad check something off his bucket list by searching through the 25,000 operators on Fin & Field. Compare the options and book a trip to make his dreams a reality for Father's Day.

Search 25,000 operators and book a hunting or fishing trip

If you just aren't sure about what trip to book, leave it up to him with a Fin & Field gift certificate, it's the perfect way to make sure that he goes on a much needed outdoor adventure.


If you still aren't sure what to get him, we have some ideas for gifts that he will love.

1. Liquor

A little whiskey is the perfect end to a day full of outdoor pursuits, like fishing and hunting. Pick up a bottle of your dad's favorite spirit or grab one of these suggestions for him to try.

Consider Dalwhinnie Scotch for your dad with great taste.


Maybe he's a Bulleit Bourbon man, perhaps?


Although we all know that the best fishing trip ends with Papa's Pilar Dark Rum.


What's better than Sauza Tres Generaciones Reposado tequila, though?


2. Whiskey Glasses

If dad already has nice whiskey, get him some proper whiskey tasting glasses.


The shape of this Glencairn Whiskey Glass is designed to accentuate the nose of the whiskey and allow you to appreciates the nuances while sipping

3. Solar Charger

When dad is out in the field, help him keep his camera, flashlight, and phone charged.

download (10)

You'll probably be asking to borrow the Goal Zero Nomad 7 Camo Solar Panel, too.


Show dad you care about his safety and help make sure he gets home safe every single time he heads outdoors.


The SPOT Global Satellite GPS Messenger is just what he's been looking for, right?

5. Exogear Outdoor Speaker

Help dad enjoy some tunes no matter where his outdoor adventures take him. This Bluetooth speaker is waterproof, shock resistant, has two 12-watt speakers, and 10 hours of play time.

download (11)

The Ecoxgear EcoStone Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker is designed for your outdoor needs.

6. Multi-Tool

Guys can never have too many knives and gadgets.


Dad will find an excellent use for this high quality multi-tool from the Gerber Compact Sport Multi-Plier 400.

7. Head Lamp

Give dad this hands free lamp to light his way. Headlamps are ideal for camping, hiking, or even around the house when you need to use both hands and can't hold a flashlight.


This Black Diamond Storm Headlamp is super bright and easily rechargeable.

8. Fillet Knife

When dad catches the big one make sure that he can fillet it with ease.

Dexter-Russell Narrow Fillet Knife, 7?


The Dexter Russel Fillet Knives are sharp, easy to re-sharpen, and ergonomic to hold.

If you get your dad any one of these ideas, he won't be able to stop smiling, guaranteed! If you still feel stuck, head on over here to help your imagination.



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Your Dad Deserves the Gift of Adventure, Right?