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Dad and Daughter Come Face to Face with Huge Gator While Kayak Fishing

Watch as curiosity turns to sheer fright for this duo while out for a leisurely kayak paddle.

A catfish noodle, bobbing innocently in the calm water, seems like a fairly risk-free encounter. For this dad and daughter duo, however, it will be a memory forever etched in their minds.

Lance Burgos and his family were camping April 9 at the Lake Fausse Point State Park campsite in St Martinville, Louisiana. A bobbing noodle, used to catch catfish, was spotted offshore - and Lance and his young daughter Evan decided it was time to investigate.

As Burgos pulls in the line, his first thought is a gar fish. Let's just say they were definitely not prepared for what emerges from the muddy water!

"That's a big ass gator, buddy!"

Talk about sheer fright and adrenaline coming together head on. Let's face it - it's not every day you stare down a monster alligator mere inches from your kayak!

As Burgos furiously pedals away from the menacing sight, and Evan can be heard crying, it is pretty funny to hear the youngster exclaim to their companions in the distance between sobs, "It was bigger than your boat!" She was probably right.

I'm guessing the days of pulling on noodles might be over for this family.


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Dad and Daughter Come Face to Face with Huge Gator While Kayak Fishing