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Dachshund Tries Her Paw at Fishing [VIDEO]


Watch this dachshund try to land a big one. 

Most dogs can’t resist the chance to be set loose in water. This is especially true if there is any other wildlife in the vicinity. When a dog gets a hold of a fish there usually isn’t much hope for the fish living beyond that point. But dachshunds seem to understand the point of catch and release.

Sam and Matilda are dachshunds who live a very interesting life. They travel around with their owners on numerous adventures on their boat, while wearing some pretty funny shirts.

Apparently Matilda also likes to get a little fishing in when she has the opportunity. Watch her try to bring in a big fish.

First of all, I can’t believe fish almost as big as that dachshund were in a group that close to the bank.

Second, I really can’t believe that fish let her get that close to it to begin with. Then the fact that it hung around after nearly being picked up out of the water was even more shocking.

At least Matilda is a good sportsman and released her catch back into the water to give another dog somewhere a shot at catching it themselves.

You can check out more of Sam and Matilda’s adventures on their Facebook page.

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Dachshund Tries Her Paw at Fishing [VIDEO]