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Could the D.A.D. Replace Concealed Weapons? [VIDEO]


The D.A.D. device is being introduced as a revolutionary advancement in self-defense, but can it replace concealed weapons?

The D.A.D. (Defense Alert Device) is a new personal safety device developed by TigerLight. The D.A.D. is described on their Facebook page as one that "could have a bigger impact on personal freedom and public safety than any other devise or technology in history."

The D.A.D. is a multi-functional device that has the ability to stop and potentially disable an attacker with both a 250 lumen LED distress light and military strength pepper spray build inside.

The device is also technologically advanced in the fact that it is able to instantly alert anyone in the area that you have activated the device and are in possible danger.

Check out the promotional video below by TigerLight to find out more about the D.A.D.

While I have nothing bad at all to say about the D.A.D., I do still question if it can replace concealed carry as a quality means of personal defense.

There is a pretty big difference in shining a flashing light in someone's face or even pepper spraying them and actually being able to pull a trigger and know that you can stop an attacker with no questions asked.

For places where concealed carry is prohibited this does look like a decent substitute, but for now I'll stick with a gun for my protection.

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Could the D.A.D. Replace Concealed Weapons? [VIDEO]