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The CZ52 Pistol Tested out on Hickok45’s Range [VIDEO]

The Czechoslovakian CZ52 pistol is quite a shooter.

This old military pistol shoots the hot 7.62x25mm cartridge.

Watch as Hickok45 tests this Cold War relic out.

The Cold War era Czechoslovakian CZ52 is quite an interesting pistol. This semi-automatic pistol fires the hot little 7.62x25mm cartridge that zips along at nearly 1700 fps.

This cartridge is a great penetrator on targets.

The CZ52 pistol fires from an eight-round detachable magazine with a heel-style magazine release.

This pistol was manufactured from 1952 through 1982 and now is a great military surplus deal on the market.

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The CZ52 Pistol Tested out on Hickok45’s Range [VIDEO]