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This Cyclist Hits a Deer and Promptly Wipes Out [VIDEO]

A cyclist hits a deer, knocking himself to the ground in this clip.

The video was uploaded by Jeff Plassman, a rider known as “Jeffro,” collide with the deer while competing in the 2013 Monster Cross and Mountain Bike Race in Virginia.

Wouldn’t you know it… deer are running across mountain bike trails too!

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Just like a deer would, this one puts its head down and plows through the busy trail, occupied by dozens of mountain bikers at the time.

Watch this and consider just how lucky Jeffro was.

That deer had some serious speed, and there’s likely nothing Jeffro or anyone else could have done to avoid it. Really, he got lucky by just clipping the deer’s hind end, but could you imagine what a full on, brunt force hit with the torso of the deer would have done to him?

How many deer and bike encounters have you had?

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This Cyclist Hits a Deer and Promptly Wipes Out [VIDEO]