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CWD Possibly Found in Fifth Michigan Deer


A young doe could be the fifth case of CWD in a wild Michigan deer.

As Michigan deer seasons draw to a close, the problems with chronic wasting disease in the state seem to be just beginning.

The Department of Natural resources has confirmed a hunter killed what may possibly be the fifth confirmed CWD-positive deer in Clinton Township. Officials confirmed the last case of CWD only five miles from where this latest deer, a young doe, was taken with a bow on Dec. 20.

The Detroit Free Press reports the affected animal was apparently healthy-looking, with no signs of disease. “That goes along with the long incubation period for the disease, which can be up to five years,” DNR veterinarian Steve Schmitt said.

An initial test of the animal at a deer station is what clued officials in on the deer’s status. Further testing of samples of the deer will be required to confirm the findings.

The earlier discovery of a deer with the deadly neurological disorder had already caused a feeding and baiting ban in Clinton, Ingham and Shiawassee Counties.

CWD has been in the headlines all over the Midwest this year. Several Michigan residents had their deer confiscated and face potential fines and jail time after the DNR caught them illegally importing deer taken from states where CWD is common in the herd.

Wisconsin’s elimination of check stations in favor of online registration of deer caused the Michigan DNR to build an awareness program and put up billboards alerting hunters in the Upper Peninsula of the precautions they had to take to legally bring in deer from Wisconsin.

Wildlife officials in Wisconsin have seen a dip in deer submitted for CWD testing this year as they figure out what to do with the discovery of CWD in a high fence deer facility.

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CWD Possibly Found in Fifth Michigan Deer