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CWD Found in Two Minnesota Deer

In southeast Minnesota, two deer shot by hunters test positive for CWD.

The Department of Natural Resources reports that CWD was found in 2 deer recently killed in Minnesota.

Watch this news report from KTTC and get the full story about this case of CWD and what it means for hunters in the area.

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This is the first confirmed case of CWD in Minnesota since 2010. The deer were harvested near Lanesboro, and a disease control zone has been established with a ten-mile radius spanning from the site. 

According to KTTC, “The two deer were killed about one mile apart from each other, and they are the only deer to test positive for CWD out of the 2,493 samples collected by the DNR earlier this month. Results are still pending from 373 samples collected during the second firearms season.”

Hunters are being encouraged to get their deer tested for CWD as cases in nearby states, Iowa and Wisconsin, are on the rise.


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CWD Found in Two Minnesota Deer