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CWD Confirmed in Three More Wyoming Locations

Travis Smola

Officials concerned as CWD rears its ugly head west of continental divide again.

More mule deer infected with chronic wasting disease, or CWD, have been found in Wyoming again.

Wyoming Game and Fish announced at least three more deer have tested positive for the disease in three different locations. The first was a doe found dead near Thayne in hunt area 145.

The other two mule deer came from areas to the north. One was found dead in deer hunt area 111 near the small community of Wapiti. The other deer was a suspected sick animal found within the city limits of Cody in area 113. The town has a resident population of urban mule deer. Tests showed both were positive for CWD.

Unfortunately, these areas are also new locations for the disease to be discovered. CWD affects members of the deer family and is always fatal.

The news of these latest discoveries comes a few months after officials found a buck with the disease near Lander. Last November, a buck was also found to have the disease in area 112 just to the southwest of Cody.

"Game and fish is always concerned about seeing CWD spread. We have a very active monitoring program and finding these infected deer shows the program is effective," Scott Edberg, the deputy chief of the wildlife division said.

"The challenge now is to build on work to slow the transmission of CWD. Game and Fish is moving ahead with developing strategies for building on CWD management, surveillance and research."

Officials are asking anyone who sights an animal that appears to be sick or any dead animals to contact Game and Fish. Officials will continue to heavily test animals in the areas these new discoveries were made as they attempt to control the disease.

"Seeing a deer test positive for CWD west of the continental divide again is concerning," Edberg said in the press release. "We have tested thousands of deer, elk and moose in the area and have not seen a positive for many years. Game and Fish will look closely at this case to see if we can gain additional information and will continue to monitor aggressively in the area."

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CWD Confirmed in Three More Wyoming Locations