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10 Cutest Hunting Puppies

If hunting puppies were any cuter, hunters might just leave them home for fear of getting them dirty.

Who doesn’t love a good hunting dog? And what’s better than a good hunting dog? Cute hunting puppies. After about 8,000 years of helping hunters put food on the table, we felt that it was only natural to give these loyal pooches a little extra recognition.

So here they are: 10 adorable hunting pups, in no particular order.

Golden retriever

Wikimedia Commons.

Who wouldn’t be happy if they were this good looking?

German shorthaired pointer


This guy looks ready to hunt already.

Springer spaniels

Wikimedia Commons

These two are brand new.



Short in stature, big in hunt.



This “Hungarian hunting dog” is out for the count.

Labrador retriever

Flickr/Jerry Fausto

Such a face.

Irish setters


That’s a lot of cuteness stuffed into one cardboard box.

Wirehaired pointing griffon

Flickr/Longball 380

Depressed? Or just impatient to go find some birds?

Chesapeake Bay retriever

Flickr/A Fave

Antsy to get to the water.

English cocker spaniel

Flickr/Liliana Saeb

Being this adorable is exhausting.

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10 Cutest Hunting Puppies