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This Cute Dumbo Octopus Makes Nautilus Scientists Melt [VIDEO]

The footage from the deep sea Nautilus explorations never cease to entertain. 

The Nautilus explorations are constantly going on deep-sea dives while transmitting live feed for anyone who wants to follow along.

Recently they were on a dive off the central California coast when they came upon a dumbo octopus, jellyfish, a flatfish and a shark all in the same frame. They then decide to zoom in one final time to see the dumbo up close.

Then they really geek out.

The dumbo is damn cute and these scientists can’t help themselves.

As they try to discuss the octopus’s anatomy (did you the brain wraps around the esophogus?!) they just can’t help melting when the little dumbo wraps its ears and tentacles around itself, shying away from the bright light.

“Awwww, there’s dust in my eyessss.”

“This is what scientists do when they’re totally excited.”

It is pretty fun to see really smart people geek out on something we all enjoy: a shy octopus with big ears.

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This Cute Dumbo Octopus Makes Nautilus Scientists Melt [VIDEO]