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Could This Be the Cutest Bear Hug Caught on Camera? [VIDEO]

We all love baby animals. Who’s more qualified to give a good bear hug than this little brown bear cub?

The brown bears are getting a lot of screen time up at Katmai National Park lately – enough to make celebrities jealous. With several live bear cams operating around the clock, they must be feeling pretty famous. But we’re thankful to say, it doesn’t look like it’s going to their heads.

Recently, they caught a brown bear cub giving its mom a good old-fashioned bear hug, as only a bear can truly do.

If you’re prepared for some cuteness, then check out the video below.

The other three bear cubs seem pretty content to sit and play, but not cub #4. This one wants nothing but to give mom a big old bear hug. Meanwhile, mother bear seems to be watching the river for dinner to float by.

The cameras, powered by, offer a unique and intimate view into the private lives of these bears and other animals around the world. Without them, it would be much more difficult to get these amazing videos and still shots, and impossible for you to see in your living room. Unless you live at a zoo. Or Katmai National Park.

Katmai is one of the world’s best places to see a brown bear. The National Park Service estimates there are around 2,200 brown bears living within the park’s boundaries and more bears than people living on the Alaska Peninsula! Much of the park is prime bear habitat, and the rivers and coastline draw huge numbers of bears when the salmon are running.

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Could This Be the Cutest Bear Hug Caught on Camera? [VIDEO]