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Cuteness Overload: A Surfing Baby Bear [VIDEO]

Bruiser, the four-month-old Siberian brown bear, is just a surfing baby bear.

Single Vision is a small non-profit wild animal sanctuary run by Carl Bovard in Melrose, Fla. In his backyard, Carl has two bear cubs, six tigers, two lions, two cougars, two bobcats and two alligators.

It’s a busy life.

Carl wants Single Vision to be an educational animal preserve and he works hard to take care of all his animals. His goal is to inspire the conservationist in all of us.

But feeding four-month-old bears isn’t as easy as it sounds.

The best part of Carl’s day must be hanging out with his surfing baby bear, Bruiser.

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Cuteness Overload: A Surfing Baby Bear [VIDEO]