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Ingenious Hack: How to Cut Rope Without A Knife [VIDEO]

Even the best outdoorsman can sometimes find himself without a knife. Whether it's due to TSA regulations or simple forgetfulness, sometimes the vital survival tool is simply out of reach.

Luckily, there's a cool trick to cutting rope that doesn't take a knife or scissors.

And no, you don't have to craft a stone tool like some kind of modern-day caveman. You can simply use the rope itself.


As this video displays, simply step on the rope to hold it taut between your feet, then curl one end of it around it and move it briskly back in forth in a sawing motion. Eventually the rope will cut through the line between your feet.

The trick works on just about every type of rope, including nylon and paracord. So whether you have to cut a rope to tie down a tent, rig a snare, or just because you gave up loosening a stubborn knot, you can do it, knife or no knife.

This might be the key to your escape if you're tied up, assuming your kidnapper leaves you a loose piece of rope and enough wiggle room. Outside of survival, you could bet your friends they can't sever a rope without outside tools, then prove to them you can.

Of course a knife is still the best option for cutting rope and sparing you the time and the blisters this method might produce. But if you're ever in trouble with no knife at hand, this clever backup plan could be just the thing to cut you a break.

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Ingenious Hack: How to Cut Rope Without A Knife [VIDEO]