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Cubs Pitcher Jon Lester Lands 5-Pound Peacock Bass in Miami


Jon Lester caught some peacock bass in Miami before facing the Marlins later in the week.

Being a professional ball player has definite perks, especially if you are a sportsmen as well. While traveling to play at various stadiums all across the country, you might just get the opportunity to sneak away for a few hours and fish in these places.

That’s exactly what Chicago Cubs pitcher Jon Lester did Monday morning in Miami, Florida before his team prepared for their game Wednesday against the Miami Marlins.

The team arrived late Sunday night where Lester caught some quick rest before planning a last minute fishing trip Monday morning. Since he had never fished for peacock bass before, he contacted former Marlins pitcher Brad Penny for advice. Penny set him up with local guide Captain Alan Zaremba.

Zeremba and Lester didn’t get out into the C-8 canal until around eight in the morning which only allotted them a few hours to fish. Lester, however, caught quite a few fish, including a five pound peacock bass on a custom made AZ Jungle Jig from a baitcaster.

Lester signed autographs for Zeremba’s two sons, 15 and 19, who are both huge baseball fans and players themselves.

One drawback: the quick fishing trip didn’t help him tackle the Marlins Wednesday night, as they lost their game 3-7.

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Cubs Pitcher Jon Lester Lands 5-Pound Peacock Bass in Miami