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Cubs of Bear That Killed Yellowstone Hiker Sent to Ohio Zoo


The cubs of the bear that killed a hiker in Yellowstone are getting another chance at life.

The cubs of the grizzly that fatally mauled a Yellowstone hiker have been sent to the Ohio Zoo in Toledo where they will get a new lease on life.

The 60-70 pound, under a year old female cubs arrived there on Tuesday. They will spend the next one to two months in quarantine.

WKYC reports zoo officials said the animals were too young to survive in the wild on their own.

The mother grizzly fatally mauled 63-year-old Lance Crosby of Billings, Montana on the Elephant Back Loop Trail near Lake Village in the park August 7.

His partially-eaten and stashed remains were located by a ranger the following day. The park managed to capture the sow and her cubs within 24 hours of the attack.

Puncture wounds on Crosby were compared to the captured bear and officials determined it was the one responsible for the attack. Officials also stated the attack was not a normal defensive attack for a mother bear.

“An important fact in the decision to euthanize the bear was that a significant portion of the body was consumed and cached with the intent to return for further feeding. Normal defensive attacks by female bears defending their young do not involve consumption of the victim’s body, the park said in a press release.

The sow was euthanized on August 13.

For the zoo, the cubs are the first grizzly bears to live in the zoo in almost 30 years.

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Cubs of Bear That Killed Yellowstone Hiker Sent to Ohio Zoo