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The CSMC DP-12 is the Last Shotgun You Will Ever Need


Meet the DP-12, the first ever double-barreled, pump action shotgun.

The DP-12 made by Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Co. is the first of its kind: a double-barreled, dual-magazine, pump action, 12 gauge shotgun. It was first unveiled at the 2015 SHOT show earlier this year and was definitely turning heads.

Made from aluminum with side-by-side barrels and separate seven-round magazines, the DP-12 is a force to be reckoned with. It utilizes a single trigger that is pulled twice to fire off each barrel. A single pump ejects both shells and chambers two more with a total capacity of being able to fire 16 rounds. See it in action in the video below.

I like how they also set it up to be used as a combat shotgun with the Picatinny sight rail, Magpul accessory rail, fore-grip, pistol grip, and sling attachments standard issue. It is also capable of using threaded chokes as well as shooting slugs. It sports a hefty price tag coming in a around $1,400 MSRP. It will be available later this spring only on Cheaper Than Dirt.

A weapon like this could definitely be utilized in not just shooting sports, but in the hunting world as well. Imagine how many waterfowl and upland birds could be taken down at a time with this thing. That just leaves one final question…Does it come in camo?



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The CSMC DP-12 is the Last Shotgun You Will Ever Need