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Is This Crybaby Deer Spoiled or What? [VIDEO]

A crybaby deer gets his belly scratched in this video.

Some forest workers spotted a young fawn in this video uploaded by Justin Lewis, and scooped it up to protect it from falling trees.

What happens next is pretty hilarious.

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One of the comments set things straight, mentioning that most fawns will enter a completely submissive state when turned on their back. When it gets flipped up right, it returns to its typical, frantic frame of mind.

Though that’s not exactly what the workers thought was happening, the situation still makes for a pretty funny video.

A fawn that young without its mother doesn’t stand too good of a chance to survive, so we’re hoping it managed to find her shortly after the video was captured.

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Is This Crybaby Deer Spoiled or What? [VIDEO]