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The CruiserBoard Kayak Should Be On Your Fishing Wish List

Take a look at the CruiserBoard kayak, a versatile craft for anglers everywhere.

We’ve highlighted a few various kayaks recently, but the CruiserBoard, a California-made kayak/stand up paddle hybrid, is one of the coolest we’ve seen.

Set to hit the international stage at this week’s ICAST show, the CruiserBoard brings together durability, versatility and effectiveness in a nice complete package.

The CruiserBoard Company is based in California, and is already seeing a huge amount of orders on their $2,590 crafts.
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The features we’re excited about include an adjustable seat and leaning post, which comes with rod holders and 3-position seat back. There are also extra high sides to keep the deck dry, and plenty of space to hold medium-sized coolers and tackle boxes.

There’s also a molded keel and a concave deck for added stability.



Fresh off their recent trip to San Diego for the San Diego International Boat Show, CruiserBoard saw the most single product coverage at the entire show. They even ended up on front page of the San Diego Union Tribune business section. 
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Add to that a spot in the next level of eliminations for the Shark Tank TV show and a fantastic response from the consumer public, and you get an equation for a pretty great business idea. 

We’re picturing an enjoyable and functional trip on just about any water body with the CruiserBoard, and are certain the company is destined for even more success.

Where would you take a CruiserBoard? How would it help you reach and catch more fish?

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The CruiserBoard Kayak Should Be On Your Fishing Wish List