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Cruiser Ready: Safely Store Your Shotgun


For those who are comfortable with keeping a loaded rifle ready for home defense, this is a great way to do it.

"Cruiser Ready" is not a term that is commonly used by recreational shooters or hunters. Its term comes from the law enforcement community, who are allowed to drive with loaded weapons in their vehicles.

While that primarily rules out most if not all the civilian populace from doing the same, that doesn't mean you can't prepare the weapon and get it ready to defend your home.

The shotgun used in the video is a gun that is pump action and not semi auto. The tube fed shotgun is loaded almost to capacity and the chamber is left empty.

Some people think that the weapon being unloaded is safe enough to leave ready for use in self defense applications. I come from a different background where I like to roll with a round in the chamber of the weapon I'm holding at any given time.

If we follow the four basic safety rules we shouldn't need to worry about negligent discharges. The first is to treat every weapon as if it were loaded. In this case, if we had the shotgun loaded, we wouldn't have to worry about the weapon not firing in a moment of acute stress where even gross motor functions have been known to fail.

I personally prefer to always have the round ready in the shotgun chamber. The video brings up a point to make yourself visibly known so that a possible intruder will know that you're alert and aware of what's going on inside a dwelling. Some gun owners believe that your door being locked is warning enough for a person to be "warned" about possible trespass onto a property. Anything past that is fair game.

Feel free to form your own opinions of what you feel is safe for your home. I believe that you can safely store a weapon loaded, provided you have removed all mitigating circumstances that could have been possibly thought of.

If you can't mitigate all circumstances, then yes, leave the gun unloaded as directed in your manual. Happy training.


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Cruiser Ready: Safely Store Your Shotgun