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Crow Takes the Most Patriotic Ride ... on the Back of an American Eagle [PICS]

All photos via Phoo Chan

Believe it or not, this photo of a crow on top of a bald eagle is not photoshopped. 

Bird photographer Phoo Chan recently snapped a photo taken at the perfect moment to make the image look like a crow is taking a ride on the back of a bald eagle.

This makes it, of course, the most patriotic ride ever.

Crows are notorious for attacking bigger birds and this one was pestering our nation's symbolic bald eagle. Either the eagle didn't notice, or didn't care, he had things to do, because the crow got so close that it literally rested upon the flying eagle's back.

First the crow decides to go after the unsuspecting, or apathetic, eagle.


Then it decides to test the waters by putting a foot down.


Then the other foot.

other foot

The eagle still apparently has better things to do.

The crow puts his landing gear down.


And full contact is made.


It even looks like the crow is comfortable enough to fold up its wings and rest for a bit. Being that brave can be exhausting.

It didn't last for but a moment though, there is fire in that bald eagle's eyes.

What a perfectly captured moment! Just in time for America's birthday.

Happy Fourth of July!

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Crow Takes the Most Patriotic Ride ... on the Back of an American Eagle [PICS]