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Excited Crossbowman Takes Monster Ohio Buck [VIDEO]

Bill Troubridge spends two days on the trail of a monster Ohio buck armed with his crossbow.

All the way from Ontario, Troubridge was after a monster Ohio buck in the middle of November. He took to a treestand and waited.

He wasn't used to the size of the deer they have in the Buckeye State, but that didn't stop him from having a successful day in the field.

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Hearing the words, "Yes, he's down," evoke a feeling of excitement for all hunters, and seeing that smile on Troubridge's face as he watches his monster Ohio buck fall, is nothing short of inspirational.

The buck ran for about 300 hundred yards across the open field after getting hit, and the slow motion recap at the end shows just how dead-on the shot was.

Find your monster Ohio buck; get more information regarding Ohio hunting here.

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Excited Crossbowman Takes Monster Ohio Buck [VIDEO]