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Crossbow Hunter’s Wish List

Who needs bows or rifles? If the hunter on your Christmas list this holiday season is a crossbow enthusiast, then they probably pride themselves on being among the most unique brands of hunter. From sleek new crossbows that represent the best of what 2013 had to offer to high-quality accessories designed to improve a crossbow hunter’s experiences, the following guide covers a few gifts that no crossbow enthusiast would say no to this holiday season. Barnett Ghost 410 Crossbow: Outdoor Life awarded this crossbow with “Editor’s Choice” and “Great Buy” designations, and ranked it as the best crossbow of 2013 (so far) back in July.

The Barnett Ghost 410 ($999.99) remains a great buy for the holiday season, with a lightning-fast top speed of 410 feet per second, a lightweight carbon riser, and a sleek and beautiful design combining to make it one of the most attractive crossbows on the market. The bow is a hefty purchase, especially as a gift, but if you are looking for a guaranteed hit for the crossbow lover on your list, this fast and deadly weapon fits the bill perfectly.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 4.55.45 PMPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

The Barnett Ghost 410 will most likely win the bulk of 2013’s crossbow awards, but the Excalibur Matrix 380 XTRA ($1,099.99) may well serve as the spoiler. This beautiful bow doesn’t quite measure up to the Ghost in terms of speed or kinetic energy – it fires at 380 fps and exerts about 112 pounds of kinetic energy, versus the Ghost’s 410 fps and 150 pounds of energy. However, the Excalibur Matrix 380 is also lighter, quieter, and generally easier to aim and fire, making it a better and more forgiving bow for beginning or intermediate shooters.

matrixPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Crossbow scopes can serve as great gifts if the crossbow lover in your life already has their dream weapon. A high quality scope can do a lot to improve a hunter’s field experience – not to mention their aim – and can be a nice gift if you are looking for something with a price tag that is a bit more affordable.

For instance, the Pursuit 4×30 Crossbow Scope ($59.99) boasts an affordable asking price, a fog and waterproof design, 4x magnification, and a sleek black design.

pursuit 4x30Photo via Bass Pro Shops

Another option is the Shadow-Zone Illuminated Crossbow Scope ($179.99), a pricier scope that comes from the Excalibur crossbow brand. The scope’s definitive feature is a dual red/green reticle, which makes it perfect for hunters who enjoy hitting the field in the low-light of the evening or early morning.shadow-zonePhoto via Bass Pro Shops

If you find yourself in doubt while shopping for a crossbow enthusiast this holiday season, there’s always an easy way out, and the answer is crossbow bolts. It’s true that crossbow bolts can come in many different lengths, styles, packages – both single and in bulk – and prices, so it might be wise for you to coyly ask your friend or loved one which crossbow they use. Most crossbows have default bolt sizes and styles, and you can use that information to pick a few extra bolts. After all, any crossbow archer can use more ammo for their long days in the hunting field.

 cross boltPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

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