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Crocodile’s Meal is a Frightening Reminder of Nature’s Cruelty [VIDEO]

This crocodile’s meal caused quite a stir, and someone managed to get it on film.

Another encounter between wildlife and humans have left some viewers disturbed, as this video has gone insanely viral over the last week.

This footage of a crocodile swimming through a marina with a local shop owner’s dog in its mouth is quite shocking. New Zealand tourist Tim Weston took the video while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Many crocodiles call the area home, as the marina is not far from a crocodile sanctuary.

The dog apparently ran towards to waters edge to investigate the crocodile sunning on the bank when things didn’t end so well for the animal. Tourists say the giant croc held the lifeless dog in its jaws while swimming in the marina for hours.

Sometimes seeing a scene like this play out can remind us just how tough and wild the world really is, something we often forget spending so much time behind screens of all kinds.

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Crocodile’s Meal is a Frightening Reminder of Nature’s Cruelty [VIDEO]