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Crocodile Shows Trainer Who’s the Boss [VIDEO]

A crocodile in Bangkok showed its trainer exactly what it would like to do with him when he stuck his head inside his mouth.

Who in their right mind would think about putting their head inside the mouth of a crocodile?

Well, it seems there are people who do in the name of entertainment.

In the following video we can see a trainer stroking the crocodile’s nose in an effort to control the animal’s behavior and to stop it from clamping its mighty teeth down.

When the trainer thinks that he has controlled the animal he does a small prayer before doing the unthinkable. Thinking his prayers have been answered he sticks his head inside the crocodile’s mouth.

For the rest of us watching, we know what is going to happen but clearly the trainer doesn’t as he puts his life in the croc’s hands.


I’m pretty sure the trainer won’t be doing that again anytime soon.

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Crocodile Shows Trainer Who’s the Boss [VIDEO]