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Crocodile Loses a Leg During Feeding Frenzy [VIDEO]

Being a crocodile is not such a great thing at times.

Your siblings just might bite your leg off.

Seriously, this big crocodile just had its leg bitten off by another crocodile.

If you are a big crocodile, you are the baddest dinosaur-era leftover there is. Nothing can even mess with you in the animal kingdom, right?

What about your equally-sized cousins and siblings?

During a feeding frenzy, accidents happen. Well, maybe this one was premeditated.

These huge crocodiles at feeding time get a little too rambunctious, leading to one crocodile losing a leg followed by a death roll from its comrade. That’s got to hurt.

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Crocodile Loses a Leg During Feeding Frenzy [VIDEO]