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This Crocodile is Just a Little Too Slow [VIDEO]

This Crocodile Is Just A Little Too Slow

Watch this crocodile have a frustrating and unsuccessful time catching breakfast at this water hole somewhere in Africa. Life there is tough even for the predators.

Catching a meal is no sure thing even for a crocodile, which is one of Africa's top predators and is hunting on its home turf. A fortunate photographer managed to capture these video clips of a crocodile somewhere in Africa fruitlessly attempting to turn a couple warthog and a bushbuck into breakfast.

Watch how high that bushbuck jumps when the crocodile lunges for it!

Especially in this situation, a miss by an inch might as well be a miss by a mile.

I wonder how many attempts it took this crocodile to finally catch dinner...

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This Crocodile is Just a Little Too Slow [VIDEO]