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Crocodile Chases Swimmer in Terrifying Footage [VIDEO]

Watch as a giant crocodile chases after swimmer in this footage captured last week in Mexico’s Sian Ka’an nature reserve.

In the video, a young swimmer frantically swims to shore as an 11.5-foot crocodile chases him to shore. An onlooker standing on a nearby bridge tosses a large object into the water to distract the croc, giving the boy enough time to swim to shore.

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Manuel Carrera captured the footage and uploaded the video to his Facebook page last week. Carrera wrote in the video’s description that the tourist didn’t know that the area was the croc’s home.

“It’s a tourist who went in to swim without knowing that under that bridge lives a male 3-and-a-half-meter-long crocodile who is fed by the fishermen who sit on top,” Carrera wrote.

h/t New York Daily News

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Crocodile Chases Swimmer in Terrifying Footage [VIDEO]