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Crocodile Attacks Handler in Intense Video

Any time a crocodile attacks it can be damaging, but this is crazy. 

In a crazy video breaking the Internet out of Queensland, a female animal handler has her arm broken and mangled when a large crocodile attacks her from inside its cage.

This hard-to-watch footage actually shows the handler in the corner of the sanctuary and the crocodile leaving its pond on a stalk until it grabs her.

Be careful when watching this video. Even though what is actually happening is hard to make out, a woman did nearly lose her life in this clip.

This video is a stark reminder that even though animals might be in a zoo, they are still dangerous animals. This crocodile is a perfect example. Given that we have seen so many celebrity crocodile hunters seemingly wrangle these giant lizards like they are pets, they can take out a human with little effort.

Luckily, this 25-year-old handler, in serious condition at the time of this article, will survive, it very easily could have went the other way.



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Crocodile Attacks Handler in Intense Video