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Crocodile That Attacked Two Florida Swimmers Dies During Capture [VIDEO]

The American crocodile that attacked two swimmers in a canal near Miami last week has died.

The 12-foot, 300-pound croc, dubbed “Pancho” by locals, was killed while fighting two trappers on Friday morning, according to state wildlife officials.

“He died fighting,” said Jorge Pino, a spokesman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. “He was weak and lethargic and at some point died.”

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  • Pancho bit two swimmers who jumped in a boat canal outside a home in the Gables by the Sea community around 2 am last Sunday. The crocodile attack was the first of its kind ever recorded in the US. Trappers from around the area spent the week tracking down the crocodile.

    The crocodile lived in the canal where the swimmers were attacked. Pino said it had been relocated twice before, but managed to find its way back to the canal both times.

    American crocodiles are a federally protected species. They are normally shy around humans. Wildlife officials believe Pancho bit the swimmers to let them know they did not belong in the canal.

    Featured image via Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission

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    Crocodile That Attacked Two Florida Swimmers Dies During Capture [VIDEO]