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Critical Duty .357 Magnum: 16 inches of Freedom Delivered Deep

I've been buying .357 magnum chambered rifles and pistols, let's see how deep this bullet can penetrate to stop a threat.

The Ruger GP100 is the pistol that is used to test the Critical Defense round out of a revolver. The pistol holds 5 cartridges so this should be a good indicator of both reliability in a revolver and possibly that of a lever action rifle.

Chronographs were used to determine the average muzzle energy and velocity. The research conducted by TNOutdoors9, show that the average muzzle energy was about 484 foot pounds of energy. Out of a three-inch barrel that is pretty impressive and given that the round is moving at about 1300 feet per second this is definitely faster than a 45acp bullet coming out of a similar sized pistol.

Depth was measured after the bullet penetrated four layers of denim and ballistic gelatin. Denim is used to simulate varying layers of clothing that could clog a hollow point. Sixteen inches of penetration was way more than capable of delivering the final blow to the intended target.

I can only imagine how much extra energy this cartridges is capable of delivering out of an 18-inch Henry Repeating Arms rifle for those looking for a self defense cartridge.


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Critical Duty .357 Magnum: 16 inches of Freedom Delivered Deep