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Crimson Trace’s Master Series Laser Grips Made SHOT Show 2016

Crimson Trace added some new aluminum grips to their 2016 product lineup.

The aluminum grips add some style and girth to the 1911 platform and are very useful with their natural finger placement positioning system.  The placement of the activation switch is conveniently located where the middle finger naturally rests under the trigger guard.

When the pistol is drawn in the grip is squeezed appropriately be red or green laser will activate and project the laser image downrange. Since the grip is naturally formed, there’s no need for your fingers to be reaching for any pushbutton switches or any levers like on other rail mounted lights that require finger activation prior to target acquisition.

The aluminum grips are very easily installed and can be mounted with no gun smithing experience required. Simply remove the screws that secure the original grips and place the old grips aside. Clean and remove any debris that may have fallen under the original grips and place the new Crimson Aluminum grips on the frame. Reinstall the original securing screws with a little loctite, and you’re good to go.

These grips offer some artistic appeal and also serve a tactical application when utilizing the laser appropriately. Training with lasers requires some patience as the laser will be sure to highlight the amount of movement coming from the pistol as your pointing your weapon at a target.

The colors offered by Crimson Trace are both red and green. Some shooters prefer the original red laser but the green laser is also becoming a preferred laser color. Batteries required for the laser system are the 2032 batteries and can last for as long as four hours. The laser is sighted for a length of 50 yards, however the included wrench allows you to adjust for closer distances as well.

Keep training, stay vigilant, and remember lasers are helpful but front sights are always your most reliable sight.

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Crimson Trace’s Master Series Laser Grips Made SHOT Show 2016