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Crimson Trace Shooting Tip: Using a Light on Your Gun [VIDEO]

Knowing the right way to use a weapon-mounted light is important.

Having a laser or flashlight mounted to your firearm can be a good tool to use for low-light situations. Being able to positively ID your target before you shoot is necessary when dealing with a threat in the dark.

Having a bright white light with you is important. Some people prefer to mount them to the firearm itself. While this allows the use of the off-hand for something else, you need to be careful how and where you point your flashlight. You are now pointing the firearm in the same direction.

In this video, from Gun Talk Media and “Guns & Gear” Season 6, Chris Cerino gives us some tips on how to effectively use a weapon-mounted light.

Again, using a weapon-mounted light can have both a great advantage, but a great disadvantage.

Make sure you pay attention to where your trigger finger is and where the muzzle is at all times. As with any tool you would use for self-defense, make sure to train with it, train with it properly and get professional training to make sure you are doing it properly.

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Crimson Trace Shooting Tip: Using a Light on Your Gun [VIDEO]