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Creepy Transparent-Headed Fish of the Pacific Ocean [VIDEO]

The Pacific barreleye fish is truly one of the most bizarre fish ever.

This creature from the deep abyss is unlike anything you have ever witnessed before.

We guarantee you will never catch one at the local bass pond.

Wow, that is one strange fish! The Pacific barreleye fish lives deep in the Pacific Ocean and will probably give you some strange dreams.

Its strange head allows it to see in total darkness of the deep, cold ocean. This unique fish has been caught on film for the first time by Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute.

The Pacific barreleye looks like an alien with a strangely human face. That clear dome on its head is part of the fish's tubular eyes.

Strange creatures that have never been photographed or even validated as existing, may just be in the great below.

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Creepy Transparent-Headed Fish of the Pacific Ocean [VIDEO]