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Creepy Looking and Extremely Rare Goblin Shark Caught Off Australia Coast

Extremely Rare Goblin Shark Caught Off Australia

Ever wondered what a Goblin Shark looks like? These Australian fishermen got a close look at the super creepy shark when they caught one this week.

Lochlainn and Mike Kelly got the sight of their life a few days ago when they caught a rare Goblin Shark in their fishing trawl net in over 2,000 feet of water off the coast of Australia.

The Goblin Shark is potentially the world’s rarest shark, even more rare than the Megamouth Shark, one of which recently washed ashore in the Philippines.

In addition to being extremely rare, the Goblin Shark is also really weird looking, with an elongated snout which is thought to contain hundreds of small sensors that can detect tiny electrical fields produced by the small crustaceans that they feed on.

This shark was a juvenile that measured slightly less than four feet long. Full grown Goblin Sharks can get up to 12 feet long and are normally found in 3,000 to 4,000 feet of water, which explains why so few of them are caught by fishermen.

Michael McMaster, the curator at the Wharf Aquarium in Merimbula, Australia reported that:

They are a very deep-water shark that has been rarely recorded from Australian waters. [It] does not mean that they are rare in the waters in which they live, it is just that very little fishing is done at the depth in which they live. Because so few have been studied very little is known about them.

The Goblin Shark is currently being studied in Merimbula, Australia. However, if you want to see it with your own eyes, it will soon be sent to the Australian Museum in Sydney and added to the fish collection there.

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Creepy Looking and Extremely Rare Goblin Shark Caught Off Australia Coast