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What Creature Steals This Fisherman's Catch? [VIDEO]

This fisherman finds that he is not the only one on the water when something steals his catch.

Watch the video to see why you shouldn't go fishing in Australian flood waters.


Holy CAH! that croc was CAH! huge. Man, those Aussies sure can cuss.

I might have had a few choice words too if I had lost what appeared to be a pretty big fish to a croc.

Unlike their American alligator cousins, hunting opportunities for Australian crocodiles are extremely limited so reaching for a gun was out of the question.

I'll bet this fisherman was pretty disappointed at losing his catch, but near misses happen all the time on the water. If there were as many big fish swimming around as there are big fish stories, fishing wouldn't be near as fun. It is the unknown that brings us back again and again.

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What Creature Steals This Fisherman's Catch? [VIDEO]