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Creating the Ultimate Robotic Fish [VIDEO]

robotic fish

What does it take to create a realistic moving robotic fish? This group at NYU is researching that now.

Dr. Maurizio Pofiri is the professor of mechanical engineering at New York University’s Polytechnic School of Engineering. He has assembled a very unique group of students to help him research and create a realistically biological robotic fish.

His dynamical systems lab is filled with 3D printers, fish of many different species, and robot engineering equipment. Every day his team studies fish behavior, designing more realistic fish movements, and creating smoother control operations to incorporate into new and better designs for a robotic fish.

Check out the video below to see what it takes to create these cool remote controlled robotic fish.

The robotic fish they are creating here is going to help thousands of scientists create controlled experiments. The research they do could possibly lead to the creation of a medicine to help a lot of autistic or anxiety-driven people cope with their shyness or avoidance of people and places.

These fish could also help biologists studying marine life in the wild. They could attach cameras to these robots and control them remotely to watch how they behave naturally without being disturbed by anything out of the ordinary.

The best part about this team is they are making their designs open sourced. That means anyone, even you or me, could take these and create or improve them.

I have to admit, the thought crossed my mind of how to turn these things into the ultimate fishing lure. Add a treble hook to the end, tie it onto your fishing line, and let it rip. Have your fishing buddy drive the fish through the water until a fish strikes it. Would make for some really cool footage to show everyone later if you had a camera on it.

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Creating the Ultimate Robotic Fish [VIDEO]